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Bigger & Better - We MOVED!!!

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We just built the largest security shop in Canada. Our showroom alone is 5600 Square feet filled with Safes, Security Hardware and CCTV & Access Control systems that we can Demo for you on the spot. We are practicing Covid preventive measures for everyone's safety.

Calgary homeowners beef up security as petty crime rises - CBC Calgary Eyeopener

A Calgary locksmith(Lee Alderman- Always Affordable Locksmiths Ltd) says sales are soaring this year and it's linked to home safety concerns. According to the Calgary Police Service's crime statistics, a residential break and enter happens every 2.4 hours. One resident, Pauline Kolochuk says her home has been broken into on multiple times, and on one occasion her [...]

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What to Do When You Get Locked Out of Your Car

Whether you misplaced your car keys or you left them inside, being locked out of your vehicle will leave you stranded. But, while a lockout can be a very frustrating moment, there are many safe and simple ways you can regain access to your car. To help you stay prepared for these incidents, here are a few [...]

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5 Situations When You Should Change or Rekey Your Locks

Used day after day, door locks are one of the most reliable components of home security. But as tough as these products are, there are times when they may no longer be able to provide the defense you expect. Every so often, these systems may become damaged or compromised, putting your safety in danger. To [...]

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Lock Replacement Vs Lock Re-key

Homeowners are fascinated when they find out that there is also something like rekeying a lock rather than changing their whole lock set. Not many people have come across this term before due to which a lot of them simply choose to change their locks completely when they have a problem rather than consider rekeying. [...]

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Home Security Basics Children Should Know

Everyday life can be extremely busy making it near impossible to protect your children at all times. For this reason we believe it is important to teach children home security basics so they are able to protect themselves when necessary.   It’s an emergency!  Emergencies can happen at any time and place, so teaching children the right steps [...]

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Help, I’ve been burgled!

A burglary is every home owner’s nightmare, however the steps taken immediately following a break-in are vital to help put things back in order. We have put together this guide for those who have been burgled, or those who would like to be prepared just in case the worst were to occur.Call the Police.Waste no [...]

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Moving House Checklist

So you’ve decided to buy a house, you’ve got your deposit and it’s time to start looking round. But how do you ensure the biggest purchase you will ever make is the right one and how do you keep it safe? Safety and security factors should always be on top of the list. There is [...]

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4114-Macleod Trail SE
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