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What to Do When You Get Locked Out of Your Car


Whether you misplaced your car keys or you left them inside, being locked out of your vehicle will leave you stranded. But, while a lockout can be a very frustrating moment, there are many safe and simple ways you can regain access to your car. To help you stay prepared for these incidents, here are a few steps to take when you get locked out of your vehicle.

Try Remote Functions

Many modern vehicles allow you to unlock the door—and start the car—if the remote key fob is located close to you. If you have a remote key fob in the car, it may be close enough to disengage the lock and open the door.

Search for a Spare

If you have a spare set of car keys, try to locate them and return to your car. If you don’t store a spare at home or in a secure location, contact any loved ones or neighbors that may be holding on to extra keys for emergencies. While it may be a pain to bother another person for your car keys, this solution is usually the most cost-effective way to regain access to your vehicle.

Call Always Affordable Locksmiths 403-272-8923

If you can’t unlock the door with a remote key fob or don’t have access to a spare, the next best option is to call a mobile locksmith in your area. Backed by a fully-equipped service van, these professionals will come to your location and use specialized tools to unlock and re-enter your vehicle.

Stay Cautious of DIY Methods

When you lock your keys inside your car, you may be tempted to maneuver your way back inside the vehicle. For example, some may try inserting a wire hanger into the gap to touch the unlock button. But while this method may offer success, it can cause damage to the door that is costly to fix.

In other cases, you might feel like breaking a window. However, this glass is designed so that it won’t break easily, even with blunt-force impact. Often, trying to break the window will only cause it to crack or chip--problems that can be expensive to repair.

  As a first-class locksmith in Calgary & surrounding areas, Always Affordable Locksmiths ltd is here to provide swift assistance if you’re having trouble accessing your vehicle. As a mobile locksmith, we will come directly to your location to help get you into your car and back on the road. If you require our assistance, call 403-272-8923 and we will get a professional locksmith out to you right away.



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