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Flex Control

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Just because you want to give someone access to your home or business some of the time, doesn’t mean you want them to have access all of the time.

Combining convenience with simplicity, the FleX Control cylinder gives you the ability to control entrance access with an easy-to-use, mechanical solution.

With every FleX Control cylinder you’ll receive a set of four color-coded keys.

The white one is for anyone you want to have full-time access, such as you and your family members or key employees, and the blue key is for those you want to have limited access and at the times you decide. Using the red and green keys allows you to control the blue key holder’s access.

Get control with the FleX Control Cylinder:

  • Provide access when and to whom you want to, and then limit it when you don’t
  • Ideal for use with domestic staff, temporary workers and even full-time employees
  • Simple to use and install – no wiring, software or expensive electronic systems

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