How to change a Weiser Powerbolt combination

How to change a Weiser Powerbolt combination.gif

By Frank Fourchalk

Question: I have purchased a new home that has a Weiser Powerbolt on the front door. To enter through this door, I just punch in a code number. It is very handy not having to use a key to enter through this door. However I want to change the combination for obvious reasons. Is this something I can do myself or do I need to call a locksmith?

Fourchalk: Changing the combination is the easy part. Just pull off the top back cover of the unit and you will find the simple step by step instructions on how to change the combination on the inside of the cover.

Now that you have completed the combination change, it’s time to complete the job by re-keying the deadbolt lock. This is something most homeowners quite often forget to do. This type of locking system has what they call a “Key Override”, which simply means, if the batteries die or for some reason you cannot gain access with the code, you can enter with a key.

When these units are sold, they come with a factory code and two keys that also operate the deadbolt. Most home owners lose the keys because they access with the code and never have a need for the keys. This presents a security risk for the new homeowner if the deadbolt is not re-keyed.

If you purchase a new home with this type of lock, make sure that you not only change the combination, but also have a locksmith change the keys to the lock to assure your utmost safety and security.