Cutting keys for a high-security deadbolt

Cutting keys for a high-security deadbolt.gif

By Frank Fourchalk

Question: My mother has a Mul-T-Lock high-security deadbolt in her front door. She would like to have another key cut, however, she is notwell enough to go up to the locksmith. Can I get a key cut for her?

Fourchalk: Your mother had an excellent deadbolt installed for a number of reasons. One of which is key control! Upon purchase of the lock she would have received an owner’s key order card which she should have signed immediately. This signed card would have allowed your mother  to order more keys. The locksmith would have validated the signature on the card by comparing it with the signature on a signed photo identification. However, because your mother is not well, the locksmith will require a letter of instruction bearing your mother’s signature,    specifically identifying you and specifying how many keys are required. He will then validate the signature on the letter by comparing it with the signature on the card. Finally, the locksmith will validate your identity from a signed photo identification and present you with the keys. This may seem like an inconvenience, however, it is necessary to protect your mother’s security.