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Master Key Systems / Restricted Key Systems

Master key systems offer control over the movement of people within a building or buildings to provide security and accessibility to the customer for their key holders, tenants or occupiers. Designs can be either on an open section key or on a restricted security key, registered to stop unauthorized duplication of keys. Always Affordable Locksmiths Ltd recommends using restricted security key system as this is more secure.

Always Affordable Locksmiths Ltds can fit master key systems to domestic premises, multi tenanted buildings and flats, schools, colleges, universities, health authorities, council and local authorities, retail and offices or any business with multiple sites.

Restricted key systems

Our Locksmiths can design master keys systems to cylinder operated locks, padlocks, cam and cabinet locks, mortice locks or any combination of these locks.

All master key systems with a restricted keyway are patented for a maximum period of up to 20 years before the patent and the key restriction runs out thus allowing the system to be legally copied. The longer the patent on a key or lock design the better, as you maintain control over the security of your premises.

Whether your need is a single security lock for your own front door, or a large establishment or company with multiple sites Always Affordable Locksmiths Ltd can help.

Master Key Systems main benifits

A simple Master Key system can control access to all areas of a building ensuring that only authorised key holders can access specific points.
A Master Key systems can greatly reduce the cost of supplying staff with large bunches of keys to access their designated area of a building.
With careful planning and design a large commercial building (or multiple building site) can be accessed with a single key for management or security whilst individual staff can be issued with a single key to open and access their own office or workstation.
Working closely with architects, customers, designers and agents, Always Affordable Locksmiths Ltd design and build a wide range of Master Key systems.
Each system is designed to achieve the end user's requirements, so that the systems is practical and user friendly whilst ensuring ease of use on a daily basis.
Master Key systems also ensured that only the authorised key signature can obtain copy keys due to a patented key section.
Always Affordable Locksmiths Ltd offers a full design service for your Master Key system. Years of experience combined with our knowledge & expertise in this area will ensure that your system provides the convenience you need with the optimum level of security.