Breaking into the housing market


By Frank Fourchalk

First time home owners are not the only people breaking into the housing market. Housebreakers of a different kind are capitalizing on the security shortcomings of home owners to make their mark on crime.

The ever-growing fault list of homeowners is paving the way for a lucrative career on the dark side. Thieves are in their element, especially when complaisant homeowners make it easy for them to execute their offence.What is it about locking sliding doors and windows that sends people into the defiant “I’m not going to be a prisoner in my own home” mode? The flip side of this rational is, ” Let’s leave windows and sliding doors open slightly but make sure they’re secured to keep the criminal element out!” The modern day thief thinks of a neighborhood as a warehouse of sorts with inventories offering a wide array of merchandise from jewelry to big screen televisions. Don’t get caught up in the, “It will never happen to me” mindset. You only have to turn on the local news to discover the effects of this type of thinking. Local victims depicting in great detail the horrors of waking up and discovering a prowler in the throws of executing their brazen crime.

Stick with the broadcast long enough and you’ll inevitably find out, the intruder entered through an open door or window. Break and enters are serious business and we as home owners need to deal with the situation in a serious manor.

Glass bubbles don’t exist in to-days world where crime is on the increase. Our police departments are doing their best with the resources they have. The rest is up to us to help keep crime stats down.

Crime prevention starts in the home, so set up family meetings and address the importance of good home security. The basis is working with what you have. I’m not suggesting you purchase hundreds of dollars worth of home security products right away.

But if you have locks on your doors and windows, use them! A lock is a terrible thing to waste, especially when its the only thing preventing you from becoming another crime statistic.

I’m always amazed how many people leave their window coverings open at night. Take the opportunity away from opportunists by closing your blinds at dusk. Giving burglars a street view of your personal inventory doesn’t make sense.

Purchase one or two light timers and alter the times to come on and off at various times of the evening, even when at home. Giving the illusion of movement in your home is a great way to thwart intruders.

If you’re one of those people who don’t leave exterior lights on at night, take heed, exterior lighting should make an appearance once in a while during the night. Remember light timers are not just used to give the illusion of occupancy, a smart homeowner will use them to simulate several residents living in the home.Home security is essentially about common sense. If we execute common sense ideas we are almost certain to prevent the “bad guys” from breaking into the housing market!