Apartment intruders entering through front door

Apartment intruders entering through front door.gif

By Frank Fourchalk

Question: Our apartment building has had three break-ins in three months. The intruders seem to be coming in through the front door. After our second break-in the strata council voted to install a 12-inch blocker plate on our main entry door to the building. After the third break-in we could see new marks above the blocker plate. Could they still be coming in through the front door? If so, how can we prevent this from happening again?

Fourchalk: Yes, it is quite possible that the intruders are still entering through your front door. Phone your local security professional and ask to have a full length astragal installed on your front door. An astragal is a strip of metal that runs the full length of the door, sealing off the gap between the door and the frame. The astragal should have a slight curve to allow it to wrap into the glass on the stationary door or frame. This will make the door virtually impossible to pry open.