Rekeying or Recoding Locks

The door locks in your office or home are an essential element of security. If you are not able to properly maintain and ensure how well your locks work, do not hope to actually keep unauthorized persons from your home.

Many security consultants will advise you to exchange door locks relatively regularly; this is, even so, when unexpected circumstances like the occurrence of a security breach or losing your keys.

Anyway, it is now popular for property owners to rekey their locks; even when situations do occur which will necessitate the replacement of a door lock. Rekeying of locks is quickly becoming a popular way to ensure the security of a property, and not only because of the relatively inexpensive nature.


What is Rekeying?
The term simply refers to the change of tumblers found in the lock cylinder so as to prevent a set or older keys from working. It is actually re-coding of pre-existing locks to make them accept new key sets.


How Rekeying Works
Rekeying might sound like a complex word though it is a straightforward process. It is the replacement of lock pins found in the cylinder, change the tumbler configuration, then cut newly set of keys which will open the recently configured lock.

It is good to note that when you rekey your locks, the old key set will not work.


Importance of Rekeying

As long as whereabouts of your door keys are accountable for a certain period of time, you cannot tell what a nefarious mind can do with them. Even if you think it is likely an unknown party could have made copies of your door keys, you need to rekey your locks.

After moving to a new home, it is logical to rekey your door locks. As long as somebody has lived in your new home before you, you have to be secure by rekeying or changing locks. It would be unwise to trust the former occupant of your home or even the landlord not to misuse any accessibility which they could get to your new house.
It is important to rekey your locks anytime somebody moves from your house. Be it a roommate who is moving on to better things or a partner in marriage with whom you divorced/separated with. It is vital that your door locks get rekeyed every time somebody who had previous access to your house leaves.
As a bottom line, your locks are an essential line of defense from invasion. As long as you think you might not trust every person that has keys to your door locks, be encouraged to rekey the locks. So that you have the assurance of the individuals authorized by you, are the ones with access to your property.


Benefits of Door Locks Rekeying
Many locksmiths whom you meet will advise you to rekey door locks due to a vested interest to convince you to rekey locks, if you approach this advice suspiciously, you will not be faulted.

However, there is a good reason why rekeying is popular today, benefits which make this procedure to ensure the security of your home so attractive includes the following:

Rekeying is cost-effective compared to total door lock replacement. You will save lots of money through rekeying locks instead of changing locks, especially when dealing with a number of them.
It is faster to rekey than replace locks. In fact, half as much period is taken to rekey locks compared to replacing them completely. You will appreciate the expediency of rekeying when you deal with multiple locks.
Rekeying is a more secure function than lock replacements. Think of rekeying allowing you to monitor the distribution of the freshly cut keys to the newly rekeyed lock. By other words, you can limit your home access with greater accuracy.
There is a convenience in rekeying. You do not need to carry many keys to open multiple locks. From rekeying, there is the use of one key for opening all the door locks to your office or home, thus making it convenient to your routine activities.

Rekeying Your Locks
There are many ways which you can take to rekey your door locks, with the selection of method depending on factors as time, door locks numbers and cost.

The easy method to get your door locks rekeyed is by hiring a professional locksmith. Certified door locksmiths could be expensive, though you have a guarantee of quality results, especially when dealing with complex door locks.

Anyway, if you are able to remove the door locks and transport them to the nearest hardware store, they will be able to undergo the rekeying procedure at a small fee.

You can rekey easily your locks if you have the necessary skills. You can find in the market, a variety of rekeying kits which can prove to be helpful in your endeavors, although you should not undertake this task if you are not fully confident in these skills.

It is worthwhile to keep in mind that lock replacements are sometimes unavoidable. For instance, old locks must be replaced whatever cost it has to take. There is no amount of lock rekeying which will improve on how locks that are too damaged or old, to secure your doors.

Mostly, rekeying is the effective means to ensure the security of your office or home; straightforward, inexpensive and not time-consuming like lock replacement.

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