Keys cut won’t fit door lock?

Keys cut won't fit door lock.gif

By Frank Fourchalk

Question: I had a key cut for my home at the hardware store. When I tried it in my lock, it didn’t work. I went back and had another key cut, with the same result. Why can’t I get a key cut that will fit my lock?

Fourchalk: You could be experiencing one of two problems.

First, your key cutting establishment may not be making regular adjustments to their key-cutting machines, creating inaccurate cuts to your duplicate key. These machines must be
checked periodically to assure a precision cut.

The second problem you might be experiencing is what I call, “duplication of a duplication,” meaning you may be copying a duplicated key. Your house key may be watered down through the process of numerous, “duplications of duplications,” creating a key that is virtually impossible to duplicate accurately.

The remedy for this is to re-key your lock and keep the original keys separate. These are the keys that will be used for duplication in the future, assuring a perfect fit every time.