Security bars increase your safety

Security bars increase your safety.gif
By Frank Fourchalk

It is estimated that 6 out of every 10 burglaries begin with entry through a window at the back of the house. Many burglaries are moments of opportunity created by simply easing wider an already open window. A more desperate approach would be to break the glass to gain entry.

Windows less than 12 feet above the ground should be regarded as high risk, and in some cases (basement windows for example), should be reinforced with Security Bars. Security Bars, also called Window Bars or Burglar Bars are installed over windows or glass doors to prevent intruders from entering your home or business.

Security bars should be placed on the inside of windows preventing them from being tampered with. Breaking glass before tampering with the bars is something intruders generally want to avoid because of setting off alarms or alerting neighbours.

When considering installing security bars, it is very important to realize that the bars you live behind for protection are the same ones that create a barrier for escape in case of fire. Windows and doors with security bars should have a quick-release device to allow them to be opened immediately in case of an emergency. These devices allow the bars to be opened from the inside without compromising the security of your home or business. Quick-release devices should be easy to open without the use of a key, detailed knowledge or great physical effort. They can involve pulling a lever, pushing a button, stepping on a pedal or kicking in a lever on the floor.

If the security bars on your home, especially on the bedroom windows are permanently fixed or do not have quick release devices, you should have them replaced or retrofitted with an approved release device. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has set standards for window bar releasing systems.

Small businesses that utilize windows to display merchandise are often targets for burglary. While using strong glass can reduce the risk of burglary, further protection can be attained by installing security bars to these vulnerable areas. Bars placed on display windows can be pulled out of sight during business hours, creating a less threatening environment.

Today, even the most security-conscious of businesses are finding that they are having to take additional steps to protect their premises and business data. Once broken into, the cost of repairing the damage and loss of data is often overwhelming and totally disruptive to all involved.

Whether you are a home or business owner, take a simple cost-effective step now and review your vulnerable window areas and install physical security protection to reduce the risk of being burgled