Categorizing a burglar

Categorizing a burglar.gif

By Frank Fourchalk

The dictionary defines a burglar as, “A thief who enters a building with intent to steal.” I prefer to define a burglar as, “Quite often the person or persons you’d least expect to steal from you.” Unfortunately, the latter is quite often the case. These criminals could be that well dressed, good-looking person conducting a home survey or that smiling gentleman that so kindly held the door for you, or worse yet, your next door neighbor. Whoever the person may be, I can assure you that once the mask comes down, these people transform themselves into cold uncaring individuals that prey upon decent honest people.

Recognizing and understanding the four basic types of burglars will surely create a safer environment to live in. This will also help prevent ourselves and others from becoming another statistic of their actions. The four basic types of burglars are the Opportunist, the Smasher, the Sneaky Prowler, and the Professional.

The Opportunist is just what the name implies, a low life that looks for a door or window left open and seizes the opportunity. These spur of the moment thieves almost always appear from thin air, snatching items for their own. Items like bicycles and laptop computers, or even settling for less expensive items like CDs or sunglasses.  Making sure to lock your home and vehicle at all times will help prevent this type of thief from succeeding.The Smasher is a premeditated predator with a less opportunistic approach to his or her craft. This unsolicited thief can be found scoping out a house and quickly kicking out a door or window to gain access. Once inside, these often-nervous intruders don’t spend a lot of time rifling through belongings because of their need for a speedy exit. They usually grab one or two valuables and bolt. A good home security package can help deter these smash-and-dash criminals. The Sneaky Prowler is a somewhat more sophisticated burglar. They may use similar tactics as the   smasher; however, once inside, they’re usually not in a hurry to leave. They will rifle through personal property and be more selective about what they take. These sneaky thieves are more discrete about there entries. They usually carry some type of break-in tool to help reduce the noise of breaking glass or kicked-in doors. Quite   often, they apply a few tricks to help make entry easier, and often leave a trail of mess behind like dumped-out drawers or uprooted closets. Their lack of fear makes them more dangerous because they may become physically violent when confronted or surprised. Beefing up your existing home security will help deter this type of intruder from gaining entry to your home.

Professional burglars are extremely rare and not your regular everyday intruders. Often you don’t even know that these slick thieves have been in your home. Graduating at the top of their class, these pros don’t need to break anything to gain entry. Quite often they are filling an order for an art collection or exquisite piece of jewelry. These items are often shipped to other locations in the country to fill orders.

Professional burglars have been known to empty out homes in the middle of the night as well. If you suspect you may be targeted by this type of intruder, call a security professional who will be able to incorporate state of the art security measures to help secure your home.