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5 Situations When You Should Change or Rekey Your Locks


Used day after day, door locks are one of the most reliable components of home security. But as tough as these products are, there are times when they may no longer be able to provide the defense you expect. Every so often, these systems may become damaged or compromised, putting your safety in danger. To help you protect your belongings—and your peace of mind—here are five situations when you might want to hire a mobile locksmith in your area to change out your door locks.

1. Break-Ins

When burglars target homes, they usually focus on the breaking in by tampering with the locks. Whether they succeed or not, this tampering can cause severe problems to the lock that can make it easier for another break-in to occur or prevent it from working properly.

2. New Property

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, hire a mobile locksmith to change all of the locks on the property. Even if you trust who you purchased the home from, there’s always a chance that an unknown third party still has keys to the property.

3. Lost or Stolen Keys

The simplest way to address missing or stolen keys may be to use a spare set or hire a locksmith to replace them. However, taking this approach still means that someone has access to your home. This danger may be even more present if the keys were lost or stolen along with personal identification that lists your address—such as your driver’s license. For this reason, it’s best to have the locks rekeyed immediately.

4. Changes in the Household

Whether you’ve had to kick out a troublesome roommate or have finalized a challenging divorce, having people leave your home is usually a good time to have locks rekeyed. In some cases, these individuals may use their keys to re-enter the property—and even take items in the process.

5. Aging or Faulty Locks

After several years of repetitive use, door lock scan start to experience wear that affects their internal mechanisms. As these systems age or experience damage, they become easier to pick and present a higher risk of jamming. To simplify your security, have a mobile locksmith come to your house to replace any locks that aren’t completely intact.

If you have concerns about your home or business locks, Always Affordable Locksmiths Ltd is here to provide you with peace of mind. We have fully-equipped mobile locksmiths in Calgary & surrounding areas and these professionals will come to your location to provide swift and reliable service to address your specific worries. In addition to lock replacement, these specialists can improve your security by installing deadbolts.


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