NE Padlocks offers high efficiency and high security whilst maintaining the high performance and serviceability associated with Mul-T-Lock® padlocks.

A padlock is intended to offer high security and the ability to deter break-ins. This can only be achieved if the right padlock is specified. When it comes to padlocks, size does not necessarily equate with strength. A large padlock made from low quality materials is much easier to break than a smaller, high security one.

With body options offering open and closed shackle variants, and with the addition of sliding bolt padlocks, the NE series ensures that there is a high security padlock suitable for your needs.
The NE series is available with all Mul-T-Lock key platforms. This opens up a range of benefits including patented key security, bespoke master key options and our innovative keyed-alike system. Patented key padlocks are supplied with a key cutting card, which will hinder unauthorized duplication of your keys.

Mul-T-Lock's wide range of padlocks are able to meet the needs of most vertical markets such as Commercial Business, Contractors, Home, Auto & Sport, School & Government. 

Incorporating patented innovations and meeting or exceeding the most rigorous international standards such as ASTM and CEN standards EN 12320 - Grades 3,4,5, - The NE-Series padlock offers the highest level of security.

There are 6 levels within the grade ranging from general use to maximum security. CEN Level 6 padlocks are rare and for more commercial and consumer purposes 5 is the highest. We tend to recommend anything between 3-5 for high security applications.

  • GRADE 6 – Maximum Security
  • GRADE 5 – Extra High Security
  • GRADE 4 – High Security
  • GRADE 3 – Medium / High Security
  • GRADE 2 – Standard Security
  • GRADE 1 – Low Security
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